Presentation Title: A Global Tidal Wave of Regulation is Rolling Towards your Multi-National Company
(Business Analytics)
Speaker: Mr Hans Kolbe UKOUG Speaker Award Winner 2015 & 2016
Company: Celantra Systems
Presentation abstract: Most countries have started to require on-demand electronic detail reporting in local GAAP, currency, and chart of accounts. The formats, and level of detail vary by country. .Is your organization ready? Many companies are unaware how devastating this can be. We will show you how to maintain a global COA, global business processes and management reporting in your operation, while reporting separately for each country in local COA and GAAP rules. The Fusion Hub Accounting allows you, to track journal details with subledger access, include non-Oracle subledger detail, manage multiple representations of single transaction for multi-GAAP compliance, provide audit trail, and use Oracle reporting tools to comply with local formats
Presentation begins: 05/12/2016 17:25
Presentation duration: 45
Presentation content level: 3 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All experience levels
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Functional Manager, Oracle
Speaker biography: Mr. Kolbe has more than sixteen years’ experience in the design and implementation of financial, manufacturing, and distribution for U.S., European, and Asian corporations. He has developed a broad expertise in international legal and tax compliance for most European, many Asian, Latin American and Middle-East countries as well as the U.S. advising multi-national corporations on IT and ERP systems structure and implementation parameters.
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Hall: Executive Room 2