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Every week we'll be highlighting one of our fantastic speakers and the key take-aways you'll get from attending their session(s).

Jim Marion, GreyHeller

Tech16 | Tuesday | PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques: Advanced PeopleSoft People Tools Development Strategies

This session discusses advanced tips and techniques that will enable you to get the most out of Oracle’s PeopleSoft solutions. Explore examples of what the best and most skilled developers are doing to make their PeopleSoft applications work great, look great, and deliver maximum end user value.

Kiran Tailor, CIMA

Cloud Life | Wednesday
Our Journey to Cloud (On-Premise to Cloud Integration)

Do you have questions such as, how easy is it to provision servers in the cloud? What do we do with security? How do we integrate premise to cloud? How do we monitor in the cloud? Join the discussion in this session.

David Green, Capgemini

Digtial CX | Tuesday
Oracle CX Cloud - Benefits For Public Sector Organisations

At least one large public sector organization has realised the benefits of digital transformation using Oracle Service Cloud to drive channel shift. This is a great start, but there are numerous other ways in which CX Cloud can benefit many different organisations across the public sector. These range from omni-channel outreach, to improved and automated decision making, to optimizing the use of field-based teams. In this session, we’ll look at use cases for all of these, and explore the benefits that they can bring.

Killian Evers, Oracle

Digital CX | Monday
Oracle Sales Cloud User Experiences: Trends & Strategy

See how the themes of simplicity, mobility, and extensibility guide the roadmap for the Oracle's Sales & SCM Cloud user experiences. We’ll show you the next generation of user experiences in Oracle’s Sales & SCM Cloud application - including mobile and see the future of enterprise experiences that capitalise on emerging technology.

Neil King, University of Cambridge

PeopleSoft | Tuesday
So, What Do I Have Access To?

Audit giving you grief about user access control?? Neil will take you through the work that the student systems team have done at Cambridge to give their super-users better clarity of which users have access to what in their PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system. Neil will also talk about the next planned phases of this work and how they aim to move user access control away from IT and in to the business, and, how this work is seen as a pre-requisite of a move to fluid.

Helen Westcott, MagiaCX and Leona Chauhan, TruePenny People

Digital CX | Tuesday
Design a Delightful Customer Experience: Disrupt your Current Services

They will showcase a selection of compelling case studies where business rules defined in natural language, are successfully integrated into enterprise level digital solutions to mobilise services and transform Student Experience in Higher Education. Their case studies will demonstrate how to design a flexible solution where automated business rules are strategically isolated and centralised, made readable to business users, and deployable on multiple platforms, without compromising the integrity of the rules. They will show how this empowers Universities to respond to change with agility and provide a superior Student Experience.

Patrick Haston, Scottish Natural Heritage

Oracle E-Business Suite - HCM & Payroll | Monday
Sharing Our Oracle E-Business Suite - We're Live!
We have been working for the few years to share our Oracle E-Business Suite with other public sector bodies in Scotland, and now were are finally live. It was a much harder journey than we expected but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Oracle E-Business Suite - HCM & Payroll | Tuesday
How Oracle HR Helped Change Our Organisation Oracle
HR provided the technology that allowed us to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks and empower line managers. We are now a leaner, more efficient organisation and Oracle is a key enabler.

Dhananjay Papde, Lead Architect, SITA

Oracle E-Business Suite - Technology | Wednesday
Metric Extensions & Advanced Threshold Management Enterprise Manager 12c

Learn how to monitor conditions specific to your environments & also how to define and manage alert thresholds for conditions that are either adaptive or time-based.

Mike Haward, University College London

Oracle E-Business Suite - Financial Management | Monday
Responsibilities Good, Roles & Devolved User Management Better! - Oracle User Management (UMX) @ UCL

Mike will explain how UCL used Oracle’s User Management to safely and securely devolve administration of users and user roles & responsibilities to departmental administrators. If you have daily user responsibility related calls to your helpdesk or want to remove user responsibility approval paper trails - then make sure you attend this session.

Reshma Mahapatra, ITIL – Nationwide Building Society

PeopleSoft | Tuesday
Nationwide’s Cloud Adoption: Our Success Story

If you are using Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft as core legacy systems and thinking about implementing Oracle Fusion co-existence model, then don’t miss out on hearing from the world’s largest Building Society. They will discuss their success stories on cloud adoption and strategies for the recently implemented  – Oracle Fusion Talent Management Suite.

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